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Landscaping is more than just lawns and hedges. The best gardens in Alton Farnham and surrounding areas, Alton, Liphook, Petersfield and Winchester have great hard landscaping, too. Hard landscaping includes all the parts of a garden that make it functional and attractive.

A landscape contractor can help with all these aspects of your garden, including patios, driveways, fences, decking, and ponds. By providing professional experience and expertise, your landscape contractor can get your garden looking amazing for a great price.

Garden Paths

A garden without paths is difficult to enjoy. Paths allow you to access your garden, and are a way to keep lawns and other planting areas safe. By directing foot traffic through the garden, a garden path protects it.

They can also be an addition to your garden’s style. A garden path can be a subtle design feature for your outdoor space. Paths can be constructed out of a variety of materials, giving a wide variety of finished looks. L Perry landscape contractors can help you decide whether your ideal path is paved, laid to gravel, or even a combination of materials.

Garden paths can also be punctuated by landscaping details, while also serving as a way to get from one area of your garden to another.

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